Interview with a Wolf

2 Jul

Eu escrevi essa estória ano passado para escola. Enjoy


By Fabio Lima

Little Red Riding Hood, basket in hand.
The Wolf’s in the woods, he makes his own plans.
You going to Grandma’s with a basket of treats
and you don’t see his shadow as it slithers and creeps.”

Linda A. Copp

The way to the house was quiet. I passed the woods, and went on the road to the beast. Far from the people a wolf lives, blaming himself for a work he did. Work done at the first house of a village. The house described in the verses that opened this story. Who’s him? The Wolf who killed Little Red Riding Hood.

I knocked on the door and waited a little before he finally opened it. The Wolf looked sad, a bit depressed – I would say – but he’s still a big and ferocious wolf. His dark brown furs gave him the aspect of indestructible, but his eyes showed a shaken creature.

I got in, and we went to the living room. The house was not big, but comfortable for him. We sat in his sofa, I thanked for the opportunity and he started his story.

“That face scares me all day long. Cursed day I decided to eat that little girl, that Little Red Riding Hood girl.”

“It was a great day, except for me. I was hungry; I would eat a horse if I could. I had had my last meal three days prior to that one, and my stomach was asking hopelessly for food. So I decided to walk in the wood, hoping to have success in find something to eat. Nothing… the woodcutters were close, and I could not approach.

I was going back to the road, when I saw her. That black-haired girl – with blue eyes – looked at me, and went towards my direction saying a happy ‘Hello’. I was hungry, my brain wasn’t working, I wanted to eat, and I saw my opportunity. I wanted to have my little dinner at that moment. She would not have chance, but then I remembered that he woodcutters were too close.

I thought it wasn’t too cruel, to be real. My only chance to have a decent meal in days and I couldn’t… until I thought again. A perfect and unfailing plan came to my mind, and I filled myself with hope.

I decided to ask where she was going. It was simple. I could follow her and finally have my dinner. The problem is, she could maybe be afraid – what I found out she wasn’t. As I asked, she answered me with a kind of pride.

‘I’m going to my grandmother’s house. She’s ill, and I’m taking this basket with food to her.’

My eyes were bright. Two meals were best than one. ‘It would a piece of cake’ I thought.

“Does you grandmother live far from here?” I asked.

“Yes, she lives in the village after the woods.” she answered. ‘’But, I’m taking this road, because it’s the shorter way to her house.

When I heard this, I had the confirmation that I would have a banquet in that day. She was so naïve. Unfortunately to her, and fortunately to me, she was taking the longest road. Then I asked:

“How does the house look like? Be sure to not get lost.”

I knew it would work. Concern gives thrust to kids, especially Little Red Riding Hood. Next she would give me the best description of the house she could have given, and as she did I smiled inside.

“Oh! Don’t worry. It’s the first house when you get in the village. Unmistakable! I won’t get lost. Now I need to go, bye!”

As she said bye I hurried to take the other road – which was the shortest to the village. Another chance like that one would not appear two times. I knew the way, I knew what to do, and I knew how hungry I was, so nothing would stop me now. Today I wish I had stopped at that point.

In the walk – or jog – to the village I thought in all the possibilities to kill and eat both, the girl and the grandma. I knew the old lady was sick, which would make it easy to finish her. But the little girl… she was naïve, but not stupid. It’s not hard to find that a wolf wants to eat you. I didn’t have time to keep thinking, because as I looked forward I saw the house.

It was a beautiful place. Light-blue windows, with wood-cut walls. That house looked calm. It was a house of peace, which I turned in a house of death.

I knocked. A thick voice questioned “Who’s there?” Pretending that I was her grandchild, I made a tin voice and answered “It’s Little Red Riding Hood, your granddaughter. I’m here to bring this basket of food to you.”

The woman bought it so easy. She told me to push the door, because it was open. I went inside, and looked to the place. Then, I went to her room. As she saw me, tears started to fall from her eyes. She tried to scream, but her sickness stopped her to do so. I could se despair; I could see she knew it was her end.

She died fast. You know, a bite on the neck is an instantaneous death. I ate her all up, leaving her clothes to trick the girl, who was coming. I cleaned the entire place, dressed up, and went to grandma’s bed. In some minutes I heard a knock on the door. I wondered how quickly it would be. I did the same as the girl’s grandmother did.

“Who’s there?” I asked with a thick voice too.

“It’s Little Red Riding Hood, your granddaughter. I’m here to bring this basket of food that my mom sent to you” – that girl was close to be my prey, but she was so happy.

“Push the door, my darling. I’m in my room”

She came by, almost singing. She asked if I was better, and to not show all my face I said that not much. She approached, and I could see she was a little cared. And then the girl made the questions.

“Grandma, why do you have so big ears?”

“The better to hear you,” I was insecure if it would work.

“Grandma, why do you have so big eyes?” at this time she gave a little step back

“The better to see you, darling,” I thought in giving up, but before it she made the third and worse question.

“Grandma, why do you have so big mouth?”

“The better to eat you” I roared. It was it, it would be done soon. I bit her arm and she fell down.

I got up the bed. She was screaming, crying, begging for compassion. That face stopped me for a second. How cruel I was. She was just a girl, but it was too late. Se would tell everybody about me. I had to get that done, and I did. One just bite in the neck, and the color in her eyes went away.

She was dead, and her blood on the entire floor. I couldn’t eat all the body. It was killing me, that I killed so beautiful and innocent creature. I left her rests in the house and came back to my place.

The local police found the dead girl – or what was left of her – two days later, and since then people is afraid of me. I’m afraid of me. I would give anything to have her back alive. But I can’t, and I’m sorry for it.

I was condemned to pass the rest of my life having these memories, and worse than ever, I was condemned to immortality. My family, my friends, and all the people in the woods passed away, but I’m still here, slave of the fear.

I’ll forever be the Wolf, who killed Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma, and my story will be passed from generation to generation, until I had paid enough to maybe die in peace.


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  1. Felipe July 7, 2008 at 2:17 pm #

    Nice (YY)

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