The Reason of Beauty

2 Jul

Have you thought about life today? Have you thought about beauty? There is so much beauty in the world, yet we condemn our lives to see so little of it. We forget to feel, to touch, to wonder… we seem to try to redeem ourselves by doing useless things, trying to find some kind of joy in pointless activities. Ask yourself, have I looked at the sun today? Have I emancipated someone of pain? Pain… yes pain. We do seem to feel that one a lot, so why not find the beauty of pain? It alarms you when something went amiss. Now how many would kill to have something that alarmed them all the time? Yet, we fear pain, as we fear too much sun, fear water, air, fire, love.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not better. I still take a pill or two when in pain, I still wear sunscreen when the sun is too hot, I’m careful with water, I don’t play with fire, and I’m scared of love – not of loving, but of not being loved. I’m a fool, a desperate being with nothing but words. How beautiful are words? What about sentences? Paragraphs, texts, chapters, books… They’re all there, all the time. But we – or most of us – don’t pay attention. We are too busy fearing, or maybe just complaining.

I looked at the moon today, but there was none. Am I too late to notice that beauty, or did I just ignore every other opportunity to do it? But I did think about life, and life itself is beautiful. Not only beautiful, but life is also perfect. As perfect as the girl I dream about. When I think of beauty, I think of what I have, and of what I wish, and of all the things that I had not wished before, but should have. I ask myself if I have seen enough. Truth be told no answer ever came to me, and sincerely, I don’t need one. No, let’s leave beauty to its mysteries, and life to its perfections. Let me just wonder, feel or touch anything life may think is necessary. What about you? Have you thought about beauty now?


One Response to “The Reason of Beauty”

  1. Felipe July 25, 2008 at 4:21 am #

    Beauty One , dear friend.

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