The Reason to Bigotry

12 Jul

alter ego 130608-001

Image by famian via Flickr

Ever felt like you lived two different lives? It feels as though you are cheating on one life with the other. Not that really have two different lives, or girlfriends for that matter (lucky me if I had one). It’s really about which life contains the most lies you tell, and which one contains the most truthful part of you. Enough of that open heart story. Try to be honest. What is the biggest lie you have ever told? If biggest lie it too complex for you – or maybe too strong – try what was the nicest thing I have ever done for someone? You see it too right? Maybe I lied in both occasions, but one looks a lot worse than the other.

Now truth is really overrated. It hurts; it leaves scars, but is still the simplest answer to all questions. Not that I prefer lies, but lies are inevitable. Can you live without breathing? Didn’t think so. Well, you can’t live without lying either. I know… sad but true. Some people live of lying, and those cannot discern between a cheap lie, and well arranged truth. What makes me go back to my double life. There’s the one in which I feel free to be whatever I want to be, and there’s the one I feel free to lie more – I mean – I feel free to be nicer to people. One life doesn’t know about the other. They shouldn’t… it would disrupt the balance.

I feel like a bigamist that has to make a choice. While I can’t decide which life I like better you can tell me about your life. So what will it be? Do you want me to lie and say that I care, or be nice and say that I don’t?


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