18 Jul

Tick tock. The clock stopped at 12. The night in its most frightening hour devoured the sky outside. Time seemed to slow itself. He couldn’t sleep. The pale face of the man hid beneath the darkness. Darkness meant he would be safe, but only for a couple of hours. It would be back. It always came back, and, as long as it wasn’t dark, it would stay. There were no lights around. He was safe. The man kept looking outside, wishing that 6AM never came. Morning would bring It to life, and It would follow the man, It would try to take his life. It had tried before, and It would try again.

It could not bear being only the shadow. It wanted a life of its own, but as long as the man was alive, It – the shadow – would have to follow. It was the order of things. Humans live, shadows follow.

The man knew all about shadows. He had seen his shadow moving once, heard its whisper, and seen its empty grey eyes. It was conscious, and it was vicious. Shadows are the opposite of its humans. His shadow was devious. It could kill, it would kill.

Something happened outside. A strange light lit the street as people gathered around a fatal accident. An explosion. At first the man was blinded, and then he was afraid. Light! There could be no light. He stood up. Noise.

“Who’s there?” asked the man but no answer came. He looked at the floor now reflecting the light outside. It wasn’t there, his shadow was missing. The man was not crazy. For years had he been fancied mad, but there rested no madness. It was fear. His enemy was too close. His enemy was part of him. Noise.

The curtain behind him had been ripped apart. The light now was greater than ever. It shone throughout all the room that was now as clear as day. “Where are you?” screamed the man.

It just waited for a perfect moment and It was not alone. More shadows had come, all from the dead bodies that now lay in the street. It was their master. The shadows had planned their emancipation. Freedom was minutes away. The man walked to a dark room, but the shadows had locked all. He started to cry in despair. “Show yourself,” he screamed, and screamed, but no one seemed to listen.

It was happening, he thought. Soon he would be dead, the It would take over. Noise. Noise. Noise. The noise became clearer and clearer every time. It was a whisper. It was closer, and closer. “Why?” asked the man. It showed itself in the wall. His feet connected to It. “Because I deserve freedom from your mind,” It whispered back as It lunched forward. The other shadows crept from behind and held the man’s hands. They brought a knife and its blade went through the man’s chest. The color of his eyes was gone.

The man breathed again and opened his eyes. He looked out in the window… two cars were about the crash. He ran and tried to get in other room, but it was locked. An explosion succeeded an great deal of light. He looked at the curtain, it was ripped. He looked at floor, It wasn’t there. The man ran out of the door filled with madness. An impulse came to his mind and he obeyed. Slowly he walked towards the fire, throwing himself at the flames. They soon consumed his flesh, leaving only a shadow. It smiled and the other shadows gathered. Time seemed to slow itself. Tick tock. The clock in the house stopped at 12.


One Response to “Enemy”

  1. Felipe July 25, 2008 at 4:08 am #

    Freak! Awesome!

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