Getting back to old habits

22 Apr

This blog is old. I’ve had it for about three years, but hasn’t written for about two. This blog is a recollection of short stories that I used to write. Most of them, as one would perceive, are full of language errors (mostly because of my learning of the English), and are also very rustic and not well developed.

I used to write in this blog when I was away from God. It was the period where God was nothing but a theory. Some of the stories that never made it here were a protest to something I tried to refuse. But God brought me back, and here I am, changed by HIM. Everyday God amazes me more and more.

Nevertheless, I am back to my old habits of writing. In this space I will share a bit of my mind… pretty much a bit of everything. Since the future belongs to God, I can’t say what this will become. In the meanwhile it is good to be back to writing… there is lot to write about.

Oh yes!


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