The Shack inside of us

28 Apr

Cover of "The Shack"

Cover of The Shack

It is currently 12:14AM, and here I am writing in this blog. I have committed myself to write as much as I can, and while there is a story being produce in my mind, I have come to write about what is becoming one of my favorite books of all times. Few books cause the impact on me as The Shack has so done. I promise not to give the book away, but if there has ever been doubt about God‘s goodness in your heart, I advice you to read it.

As I write now, I am convicted that God had a specific purpose for my reading of this book. Although controversial in nature (the portrayal of the Trinity is one of the most interesting one’s I have ever seen), the book is also pure, simple, to the point and full of what the principles of God really are.

Forget church and forget institutions. What God wants is a relationship; a life where we completely depend on Him. William P. Young has astounded me with his works. I’d give everything to have such a beautiful experience with God.

Read it. It will give you new eyes for what Unconditional Love really means. Meanwhile here’s the opening line for the next short story

“the world itself was orange”

That’s it. All you get. I’m sure it makes no sense… but it will in time.

‘Till then, I bid you farewell. May God bless you immensely.


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