A few things about Camping’s #Rapture

21 May

Harold Camping in 2008

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As I write it is May 21, 2011, about 11:40a.m. This time I have a really good reason to start the post this way. If you are reading this post that means that you either stayed and the #rapture didn’t take you, or maybe the #rapture only happened in Oakland, California, where Harold Camping‘s Family Radio is based on.

Oh.. hold on. I’m sorry. I just read that apparently, it is only supposed to happen at 6p.m. (in every country). I have been trying to get into Family Radio’s website, but I guess they’ve had an early #rapture experience. Nonetheless, 6p.m. has come and gone in the Pacific nations, and nothing has occurred. What then can we conclude about all this havoc?

Well let us return to Matthew 24:36

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father

I think Jesus made it very clear that no one, not even Him, would know the day when He would return. If not even Jesus, who is God‘s son, knows the day, why then would Harold Camping, a self-proclaimed Bible-scholar, who hasn’t even been in a church for the past 23 years, would know the date?

I seriously cannot judge the man. Yesterday on Twitter I said this:

Apparently the world will end tomorrow. #whatdoyouthink ? I think he’s a crook using the name of GOD to become a millionaire.

Looking at it again, I see that I really shouldn’t have said so. I don’t know his reasons to make such a prediction. I don’t know if he really is a crook who used his mathematical and Biblical “skills” to fool people into buying into this lie. I don’t know if he actually believed what he was saying, and was certain that the end was near (although – just between us – he is 89, so maybe he really isn’t lying that much). All I know is that he was wrong. If Camping is such an expert of the Bible he would’ve known he was wrong.

I am not going to go into the details of the #Rapture, the real one, but here is a quick pick of what really will happen.

  • The saved ones will be taken. Yes, that part of the Rapture if true. Those who did not believe will stay for a second chance.
  • After that, there will be three and a half years of peace, followed by three and a half years of tribulation. This total seven years, which the Anti-Christ will rule the earth.
  • Then there are a thousand more years when Jesus will rule the Earth.

This is roughly written. There are way more fascinating details to the whole process, so I found a timeline that can explain way more than I can.

Anyway, I am on the expectations for tomorrow. I want to see how Mr. Camping is going to explain himself in this matter. Meanwhile I am praying for…



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