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21 Oct


It was a strange feeling. Weirder than the anticipation you get right before taking the picture for the yearbook, or having your first kiss – on a scale, they are about the same. She looked at the boy with peculiar hair and different clothes about five feet from her. He was entertained with some activity, which she could not distinguish for only his back was visible, and although she had never noticed before, that boy had a grace in his movements. His hands smoothly fell on the floor, where he would choose pieces of something.

He had a strange feeling too. Awkwardly looking back, from the corner of his eyes, he could see she was watched all of his moves. What reason did she have to do so? It certainly should be his bright green t-shirt, or maybe the orange pants. No, maybe it was his blue shoes that he had been wearing everyday for the last two years. He wasn’t allowed to have any more. Somewhere in that same room was a camera. And watching that camera was some man or woman recording it in video. This video would then be taken to a third person, who would analyze it, and make notations. If that boy got a new pair of shoes, all the experiments would be ruined, and six years of work would go down the drain. He had to complete the task alone.

The girl suddenly realized he had been watching her too. She freezed, thought on what to do, and dread came over to her mind. Should she stay or should she leave? What would he do? She started to slowly walk backwards, when they boy took the courage to talk.

“Hey, want to help me?” he asked, as he motioned for her to come forward.
“What are you doing?” she asked back.
“Doing a life size puzzle”
“Of what?” she was now closer.
He thought about the question for a second, and then answered. “The whole universe”.


Of Sane and Seeing

17 Oct

Of Sane and Seeing

All the hundreds of cameras, all pointed to the pulpit in the front of the room, went off at the same time in a blinding wave. The men behind the pulpit didn’t move, as he spoke.

“Thank you ladies and gentleman. I am very pleased that I will successfully succeed to the giving of satisfaction to so many tonight. I do emphasize that my self-esteem is self-sufficient and self-determined. I am a serviceable man for science and the setup of a new sharing movement. I shall be remembered for the shattering days of sheets and shelves, against sickness and side-effects. I am single-minded and sinister, but never went skydiving. Slave of society, but sophisticated. It’s safe to say that I sacrificed sex, for my sacred schedule, while sculpting a new skyline. Still I am a sedentary single, with shocking shoelaces, and who likes shop-windows.

“Silly and silent, I slay sleeping-pills, in my solitude. You spectator is speechlessly sorry for my sluggish spirituality and spooky soul. I succumb to the suffering of a surgery that supposedly will help with my syndrome. Call me sadist or shameless. I am saturated with the savage of the situation.

“Finally, to scale the scenario, I, full of sorrow, unfortunately say that I can no longer see.”

And he heard gasps. And he stepped down. And he no longer cared.

The House of Mirrors

16 Oct

The House of Mirrors

“Gooooooood Morning. It is exactly 7 o’clock and it’s a beautiful day. Remember I am always to your right, and the way is up,” announced the radio watch. “It was twenty years ago today-“. Edward Meadow groaned at its sound, and unwillingly woke up, dusting off his red, itchy eyes. He looked to his right, and the clock was not there.

Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play -” the clock was in the upper left-hand corner of the room, which meant the ceiling was now in the floor. “They’ve been going in and out of style-” he blinked. Immediately the whole room switched around. “But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile. So may I introduce you-” He was now looking forward to what should be the floor. If he looked up he could see the right wall the window it bears.

The act you’ve known for all these years-” He blinked again. The music on the radio suddenly got louder. He looked right, and the clock was now there. “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…”

“Very well. Brain is now regulated, let us start the day,” said Edward to himself, as he walked through the door and down the hall. As all beings of this planet he was very intelligent and very unfortunate. His highly capacitated brain was very complex and intricate. A four-sided mirrored brain – the only one successfully produced nowadays. It had the same size of a common archaic brain. It was as light was a feather, and as transparent as glass. Its circuit was microscopic and therefore could only be seen by a microscope. It is installed as soon as you are born (and eventually taken out every 25 years for repair), and automatically starts taking and following orders from all the other limbs. It correctly executes all tasks, except for the ones sent by the eye. Continue reading


18 Jul

Tick tock. The clock stopped at 12. The night in its most frightening hour devoured the sky outside. Time seemed to slow itself. He couldn’t sleep. The pale face of the man hid beneath the darkness. Darkness meant he would be safe, but only for a couple of hours. It would be back. It always came back, and, as long as it wasn’t dark, it would stay. There were no lights around. He was safe. The man kept looking outside, wishing that 6AM never came. Morning would bring It to life, and It would follow the man, It would try to take his life. It had tried before, and It would try again.

It could not bear being only the shadow. It wanted a life of its own, but as long as the man was alive, It – the shadow – would have to follow. It was the order of things. Humans live, shadows follow. Continue reading