Of Sane and Seeing

17 Oct

Of Sane and Seeing

All the hundreds of cameras, all pointed to the pulpit in the front of the room, went off at the same time in a blinding wave. The men behind the pulpit didn’t move, as he spoke.

“Thank you ladies and gentleman. I am very pleased that I will successfully succeed to the giving of satisfaction to so many tonight. I do emphasize that my self-esteem is self-sufficient and self-determined. I am a serviceable man for science and the setup of a new sharing movement. I shall be remembered for the shattering days of sheets and shelves, against sickness and side-effects. I am single-minded and sinister, but never went skydiving. Slave of society, but sophisticated. It’s safe to say that I sacrificed sex, for my sacred schedule, while sculpting a new skyline. Still I am a sedentary single, with shocking shoelaces, and who likes shop-windows.

“Silly and silent, I slay sleeping-pills, in my solitude. You spectator is speechlessly sorry for my sluggish spirituality and spooky soul. I succumb to the suffering of a surgery that supposedly will help with my syndrome. Call me sadist or shameless. I am saturated with the savage of the situation.

“Finally, to scale the scenario, I, full of sorrow, unfortunately say that I can no longer see.”

And he heard gasps. And he stepped down. And he no longer cared.


The House of Mirrors

16 Oct

The House of Mirrors

“Gooooooood Morning. It is exactly 7 o’clock and it’s a beautiful day. Remember I am always to your right, and the way is up,” announced the radio watch. “It was twenty years ago today-“. Edward Meadow groaned at its sound, and unwillingly woke up, dusting off his red, itchy eyes. He looked to his right, and the clock was not there.

Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play -” the clock was in the upper left-hand corner of the room, which meant the ceiling was now in the floor. “They’ve been going in and out of style-” he blinked. Immediately the whole room switched around. “But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile. So may I introduce you-” He was now looking forward to what should be the floor. If he looked up he could see the right wall the window it bears.

The act you’ve known for all these years-” He blinked again. The music on the radio suddenly got louder. He looked right, and the clock was now there. “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…”

“Very well. Brain is now regulated, let us start the day,” said Edward to himself, as he walked through the door and down the hall. As all beings of this planet he was very intelligent and very unfortunate. His highly capacitated brain was very complex and intricate. A four-sided mirrored brain – the only one successfully produced nowadays. It had the same size of a common archaic brain. It was as light was a feather, and as transparent as glass. Its circuit was microscopic and therefore could only be seen by a microscope. It is installed as soon as you are born (and eventually taken out every 25 years for repair), and automatically starts taking and following orders from all the other limbs. It correctly executes all tasks, except for the ones sent by the eye. Continue reading

Up, Up and Away

10 Sep

Meu projeto de Inglês. A idéia era escrever uma história pessoal, onde a eu teria que descrever um pouco do que eu sentia no momento. Ai vai

“Up, Up and Away”

The calendar marked August 5th. I woke to the dim light that came from outside. The sky was gray and the weather cold; such a beautiful winter day. I looked around and saw both my sisters, still asleep. Their mattresses were good three feet from me, but I could hear their deep breaths. They were the only sound in the place. That empty furniture-less, beige room.

I got up slowly as not to wake them up. Looking at the long hall that separated the living room and the bedrooms, I could see that my parent’s door was still closed. I walked towards the kitchen at the other side. There was still a mahogany table in the center (with some food on it), while the rest had been sold. Funny how I could not remember how big it looked, all empty. I stopped for a moment, my feet touching the cold, white-tiled floor. Someone had opened a door. It was my dad, who had come to wake the house. We had a place to go. A barbecue. Continue reading

Beautiful Mess

20 Aug

I felt so angry. I couldn’t stop myself. She just yelled and complained lately. She had run over my dog, yesterday. My poor dog had never hurt anyone, but she just laughed. Where was the beautiful mess I fell in love with? People don’t change like that; I was just too blind to see the truth. I was written out on her face. She was as though a politician… so many promises. If we were I wouldn’t be so depressed, I would have everything. She was so right. I’m not depressed; she would kill me if I was. I have everything… that would make someone cry.

I demanded an answer from her. Know what she did? She spit on him. “I’m the only thing you need,” she said. A tear fell from my right eye. I would’ve been a dark one if water had any color. My brain couldn’t process the information. I had made the decision before it was over. I saw the hammer, and I looked at my dog. And I hit her. In my head I heard a scream, someone telling me to stop. I did. I looked at her unconscious on the floor. I could control…

“Sir, I get it,” said the lady as I came back. “She was a psycho, harmful. You couldn’t control yourself, which makes more of a crime of passion. But the first blow didn’t kill her, did it? You hit her again. That’s first degree.”

..myself. Then I thought “Wow, I finally have my life back”. And you know what? I had a rush through my system that told me to go on. I hit her again, as hard as I could…

“I can certainly tell you that you won’t ever have your life back, sir. You are under arrest for the murder of Heather Anadarko. I’d get a good lawyer, sir.”

…and her words came back to me. “If we were, if we were…,” such small words, such big questions…

“I don’t need a lawyer,” I answered. “And believe me; I do have my life back.”

…I wrapped her up in an old blanket and put her body close to a sewer drain. Perfect resting place I thought. I kept thinking about the if’s she ever told. How her live was never about being objective. How she was always right, because she was always in doubt. What if we really were? No… I told myself. We finally are. She dead. Me alive. That’s how we are.

Driving Lessons

14 Aug

She drinks. He rides. Together it’s a trip of a lifetime

AMAZING! Eu simplesmente não sei qual filme eu gostei mais, mas por enquanto Driving Lessons está vencendo. Enquanto December Boys apela para um lado mais emocional e usa o lado católico da fé – assista – Driving Lessons é uma crítica à hipocrisia religiosa. O filme começa com Ben (Rupert Grint) entregando comida à idosos pela vizinhança – provavelmente algo a sua mãe o obrigou a fazer. É então que somos apresentados à mãe (Laura Linney). De cara nós podemos perceber que ela é diferente.

Super religiosa, Laura (que também é o nome da personagem) se mostra também controladora. Impulsivamente ela precisa estar no controle da situação o tempo todo. Ela faz, o que em inglês seria chamado de Pareting by guilt – ela sempre se coloca como vitima de uma situação, assim Ben sempre atende os desejos dela. Já o pai de Ben é um pastor. Ele é menos fanático e parece entender o garoto, que – como disse minha amiga Mione – é a pessoa mais pessimista do mundo. Ele não é feliz. Ele não sabe o que é felicidade. Ele adora poesias e quando finalmente cria coragem para recitar um para um menina da Igreja na qual ele tem uma paixão, ela o acha estranho (no final ele da a volta). Todo e qualquer aspecto de sua vida foi defino por sua mãe. Ele não tem vida…

…até conhecer Dame Evie Walton (Julie Walters). Maravilhosa. Julie Walter foi feita para o papel. Ela é a alma e o espírito do filme. Com ela você ri, chora, sente pena, fica louco e pensa em sua própria vida. Evie faz Ben ir para a viagem de sua vida, onde ele começa a beber, xingar (lot’s of shits and fuck offs) e até perder a   virgindade.

Porém, o que realmente pega é o final inesperado. Ali, logo ali no final você entende o que Jeremy Brook quis dizer. A hipocrisia religiosa. O fato de pessoas usarem o nome de Deus em vão, a ação de justificar ações com o nome de Deus. O fato de Deus ser responsável por tudo e todos.

Aliás… Lições de Vida é o nome perfeito para o filme em português. Não uma lição de moral, porque Evie não tem moral alguma… é mais um tapa na cara.



23 Jul

Thanks Diogo in his DimEcaverna for the tip.


“Thank you, sir. Your new identification card will arrive soon”. I hang up the phone as I thought of all the other calls and requests that had to be made. 8:24. Must hurry. Job. I got up to take a shower. My boss would know my new identification by now. My badge remade, my desk switched, and all the papers I had ever signed would be replaced. Got out, dressed up, and looked out the window. The gigantic tower of the Republic cast a shadow over the city, and blocked my sun. 8:45. Must hurry. Job.

I walked out, pressing my thumb in the pad beside the door, automatically sealing the house. The car was by the front porch. An 1990 Chevrolet Camaro. It was 32 years old, but to me it worked as though it was new. 8:49. Must hurry. Putting the small black suitcase in the passenger’s seat, I drove. The Republic was not far, and the building – or the torso as I called – was not hard to find. Still, no one ever remembered its street. People never took directions nowadays. It was pointless. They would be relabeled. They always were. 8:56. Finally arrived. Continue reading

The Dark Knight

21 Jul

The Dark Knight é provavelmente é melhor filme de super-heróis já feito. O motivo é pela fórmula usada no filme. Esqueça a mesma história de sempre em que o herói apanha, mas vence no final. Em The Dark Knight não há vencedores. O Joker jogou as cartas corretamente, cada parte de seu plano foi friamente calculada, o que é irônico, pois ele “não é alguém que planeja coisas com antecedência”. Heath Ledger fará falta. Muita falta. O ator não só entendeu o Joker… ele morreu por causa dele. O papel de sua vida, o melhor de sua carreira e infelizmente ele não está aqui para ver. Não em vão. Ele merece muito mais que Oscars, ele merece mais que uma homenagem. Ele merece ser eternizado. O melhor JOKER que o mundo já viu. To the world I am just like him… a freak.

Why So Serious Son? Why so Serious Son? Let’s put a smile on that face.