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Distraction-free writing? I didn’t think that was possible!

19 May
Blots fade

Image by juliejordanscott via Flickr

As I write this it is 3:25p.m. (I started at 2:30p.m.). Have you realized I love to open posts with this line? I think it’s important to register the time on which the writing took place. I can also tell you I am currenly at work (someday I’ll write about this place). It is raining outside and at this time I have nothing to do (but to wait for the phone to ring with angry customers and their complaints). It’s in this setting that I decided to try out WordPress’ new feature: distraction-free writing.

Like I said in the title, I didn’t think that was possible, but after trying it out I can definetely say that it is one of the best new features that WordPress has ever introduced.

It’s like writing in a blank piece of paper, without any of the distractions on the side, like the spelling checkers, font stylers. Just plain blank screen where one can express one’s thoughts. I absolutely love it. If you do not have a WordPress blog yet, go ahead and get one, and start writing. Do it… just write.