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18 Jul

Tick tock. The clock stopped at 12. The night in its most frightening hour devoured the sky outside. Time seemed to slow itself. He couldn’t sleep. The pale face of the man hid beneath the darkness. Darkness meant he would be safe, but only for a couple of hours. It would be back. It always came back, and, as long as it wasn’t dark, it would stay. There were no lights around. He was safe. The man kept looking outside, wishing that 6AM never came. Morning would bring It to life, and It would follow the man, It would try to take his life. It had tried before, and It would try again.

It could not bear being only the shadow. It wanted a life of its own, but as long as the man was alive, It – the shadow – would have to follow. It was the order of things. Humans live, shadows follow. Continue reading